Gifts Ideas for Prosecco Lovers

Prosecco seems to be the latest drink craze with something in the region of 150 million bottles of Italian Prosecco Wine produced annually. It’s lower alcohol content, less complex flavour and cheaper price point make it a great alternative to Champagne and it seems us girls can’t get enough of it!












But it’s not just the drink itself we love. Gifts and home accessories that refer to Prosecco are selling like hot cakes on Swanky Maison. Here’s five of the best-selling ones….

By far the biggest selling Prosecco gift on Swanky Maison is this This House Runs On Love Laughter & Prosecco Block Mounted Print, priced from £8.99. You can actually buy this sign with reference to any drink (or anything for that matter) if you opt for the personalised sign. This was one of the fastest selling gifts last Christmas and the customer and recipient feedback has been fantastic. A winning gift idea for Prosecco lovers.

All you need is love laughter and prosecco










New to Swanky Maison, and already proving to be a hit, is this Prosecco Candle. Handmade from 100% long burn soya wax infused with a blend of high quality ingredients used in the making of Prosecco, to create a lovely, lively and fruity scent. Don’t worry; your house won’t smell like a winery (at least not from this candle!) as it smells divine! Other vineyard inspired candles are available in this collection including Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio and even Gin & Tonic. Priced £16.99 these candles are a great alternative to taking flowers and chocolates to a dinner party and also a popular gift for baby showers!

Prosecco Candle









For home entertaining, this Prosecco Princess Apron is a must! Keep your posh outfit clean and still look stylish as you welcome guests, pour out the Prosecco and stir the dinner! Priced at £14.95 and made from 100% high quality cotton.

Prosecco Princess Apron










This Prosecco Cushion (£35) is also a favourite with Swanky customers. Handmade in Cheshire from linen and dusted with a little sparkle this cushion is printed with the text ‘Keep your days sparkling and your glass full of Prosecco’. Wise words indeed!

Prosecco Cushion










This Hand Me The Prosecco…Sign was picked up by a Prosecco lovers facebook page and went viral overnight! Clearly there is a lot of fabulous ladies out there who can relate to this one. Priced £8.99.

Hand Me the Prosecco Sign







So if you like a little Prosecco or know someone who does, why not take a look at our collection of Gifts for Prosecco Lovers.

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