Swanky Star Product – LED Brick Walnut Wooden Alarm Clock

Although they wake you up in the mornings, some alarm clocks look plain ugly on your bedside table. As for annoying mobile phone alarms, don’t even go there! Happily, we think we’ve come across a brilliant solution with the LED Brick Walnut Wooden Alarm Clock, the latest addition to our range of clocks.

As well as being pleasing to the eye, this walnut alarm clock is really rather clever. It displays the time, date and temperature in low energy red LED and then will automatically go off when it’s quiet.  Because it’s sound activated, just a gentle tap or click of your fingers will light it up again. So no more annoying glares from alarm clocks on your bedside table at night.

For those who love the retro digital display (or are just very time conscious), there’s an option to display the time permanently. Definitely a unique gift idea to make you go tick.


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