Meet the Swanky Team

Swanky Maison was founded by busy working mothers, Emma Sharman and Cath Harrison. Like many career women, once their children came along, Emma and Cath found that they needed flexibility and fulfillment and the only answer was to come up with a venture for themselves. They were forever feeling guilty, whether at work or at home, and were fed up with missing out on the important things in life: sports days, nativity plays, class assemblies and helping out on school trips. Looking to improve their family lives, Emma and Cath put their heads together (over a number of glasses of wine) and came up with a plan.

That plan was Swanky Maison; a business that they could run by themselves, for themselves, an idea that would help pay the bills but offer a better work/family balance, a venture that would combine their skills and experience with things they are really passionate about.

"We're thrilled with how Swanky Maison is progressing. We love the products we find and the fact that they are so unusual. We also really enjoy meeting so many interesting and enthusiastic people - they are truly talented designers and dedicated to their craft.

Of course, we still work very hard, probably harder than ever before, but only because we love it so much. We make a great team, support each other's endeavours and gladly provide cover if one of us needs to take a little time out to be with their kids. Our biggest problem, of course, is trying not to buy more than we sell!"


Cath Harrison

Graduating with a degree in Commerce and a professional qualification in purchasing, Cath spent over ten years working for Magnet, in purchasing and product management, sourcing a number of suppliers, increasing profitability across a number of categories, whilst ensuring maximum product placement and communication within a vast retail network.  Cath is responsible for product management and liaising with the growing number of designer-makers featured on Swanky Maison.


Emma Sharman

Graduating with a degree in Business Studies and Marketing, Emma spent over ten years in market research, using customer insight to advise high profile clients such as Channel 4, BP, Cow & Gate and Legal & General on their marketing strategies. Emma then spent three years working as an Online Marketing Consultant for a digital agency specialising in e-commerce, helping clients such as Lindam, Munchkin UK and Burgess Pet Care to realise their online potential. Emma oversees all design, website development and marketing for Swanky Maison.



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